Designing The Perfect Training Plan

November is a great time to begin sketching out a master plan.  We’re a few months removed from the intensity of the road season but quickly approaching the New Year.  Whether your goals include competing at nationals or surviving your first century, now’s the time to take an objective look at the calendar and create a road map for the upcoming season.

Training In The Heat

It’s that time of year when hot weather begins to drastically change your experience on the bike. Targets easily nailed while riding in mild 65-degree weather feel completely different at 95. While the body is masterful at regulating skin blood flow and sweat rate to control your core temperature [1], high heat environments present an immense challenge to the endurance athlete.

Why Heat Matters

Toward the finish of yesterday’s first stage of the Amgen Tour of California riders were dropping like flies while they melted in 100° temperatures around Escondido. Phil and Paul continued to bring attention to how hot weather was dragging down some of the strongest contenders in the stage. Reference was made to the cooler temperatures in Europe and the lack of riding in the heat for most of the peloton.

Group Rides

Group Rides: everyone seems to have an opinion regarding their inherent value. Some say group rides are bad and should be avoided at all costs. Others wouldn’t miss them for the world, showing up like clockwork every Tuesday or Thursday night, primed and ready to take out their frustration over being emasculated by an office cubicle for the last 8 hours.