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Athlete Testimonials

Since working with Nate, the transformation in me, as a rider, has been no less than phenomenal.

Karen M.

Nate is the most well rounded and up to date USAC certified coach you will find in Northern California.

Len B.

Always planning ahead is what makes the winning athlete and Nate is just the guy to help you with that plan. I would recommend Data Driven Athlete to anyone that wants to take the next step in gaining more fitness and endurance.

Taylor K.

End of the day it’s about numbers and in 3 months Nate has taken my FTP from 280 to 315.  The guy looks at every detail….every one.  Things I am interested in for sure but frankly don’t have time to pay a ton of attention to.  I’ve found the ideal coach and a solid friend in Nate.

Joe R.

At the end of last year, I clearly felt that I plateaued in performance and I really wanted to try what difference a real coach would make. I was surprised that with Nate's guidance I made great improvements in the exact areas I wanted pretty quickly.

Andras N.