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Athlete Testimonials

Data Driven Athlete delivers. Seeing that my improvement on the bike, as evidenced by the data generated from the training sessions, actually translates into better results at races - I finally made it to the podium in my most recent stage race!

Patrick V.

Not only has Nate helped with my physical performance, but he’s also helped with my mental approach to cycling. With his detailed analysis of my ride data, he helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses as a cyclist. This has led to improved tactical decision making while racing.

Travis R.

Nate's enthusiasm for encouraging athletes to pursue their goals, together with his reliance on facts informed by science, helped me to experience a series of road-racing "wins" that far exceeded even my imagination.

Don C.

I had a great experience working with Nate! He helped me understand my training, set up goals, and measurably improve my cycling performance.

Tom C.

Nate's coaching helped me to attain all my goals for my racing season. The use of data to train hard but smart was invaluable to my improvement as a cyclist.

Anthony B.