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Athlete Testimonials

  1. If you’re looking for a supportive and enthusiastic coach to have in your corner you’ve found him.  Matt Chatlaong is always positive, detail-oriented and knowledgeable about any issue I’ve raised from workouts, equipment, nutrition and race tactics.

    Andrew B.

  2. Training with Nate was an absolute pleasure. I was constantly motivated and excited with my training, which is not always easy.

    Joe R.

  3. If you want to improve as a cyclist Data Driven Athlete is who you need to work with.

    Anthony B.

  4. Nate has been instrumental in making my first year of racing a success especially with guidance on race strategy based on my aptitudes as a rider.

    Ben A.

  5. My cycling history goes back to the 1980's when I started racing my bike in high school. I progressed to Collegiate (CU Boulder) and USAC racing where I eventually landed on a pro cycling team in 1995.

    Tyler J.