Athlete Testimonials

Nate brought me from a Cat 5 to a Category 2 racer in just over 2 years by tapping into my past experience and using the best technology for training and Nate's insight.

Tyler J.

Nate's enthusiasm for encouraging athletes to pursue their goals, together with his reliance on facts informed by science, helped me to experience a series of road-racing "wins" that far exceeded even my imagination.

Don C.

Since working with Nate, the transformation in me, as a rider, has been no less than phenomenal.

Karen M.

Nate is a professional who handles your needs with the utmost respect and passion. Whether you are trying to finish your first century or race at the national level, he can and will help you improve. 

Matt C.

With the help of Nate and DDA I was able to quickly move up and get Faster.  In the span of 2.5 years, I went from cat 5 to 2x state champion and 2x national medalist.

Jack W.