How to Improve Your Sprint Performance on the Bike

What Powers Your Sprint?

Your body has three energy systems that power movement. These are the oxidative, glycolytic, and ATP-Pcr systems, each of which serves a unique role in fueling your sprint performance [1].  All three systems contribute to supporting energy requirements, but their relative contributions change with the duration and intensity of your efforts.

Using RPE to get Stronger on the Bike

Understanding the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) for your cycling is crucial in order to get a more complete picture of your training and racing on the bike. Topics in the post Training low-carb is one of the hottest topics in cycling but should you actually do it? Topics in this post include a rationale for carbs, current recommendations for carb intake, a rationale for restriction, periodized nutrition, and a few practical suggestions to apply to your training. Topics in this post include a brief introduction to RPE, the origin of the original RPE rating, connection to power based training zones, and a few practical suggestions on how to apply RPE in your training.

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