Does More Data Make You Slower?

In today’s Journal Club we’ll check out a fascinating new study that examines whether looking at too much feedback during a time trial makes you slower on the bike. Is it possible to improve your cycling performance by limiting the amount of data you focus on during a race? Let’s find out. Bayne, F., et al., Less Is More—Cyclists-Triathlete’s 30 min Cycling Time-Trial Performance Is Impaired With Multiple Feedback Compared to a Single Feedback. Frontiers in Psychology, 2020. 11. It’s hard to run into a cyclist these days who isn’t aware of their power output on the bike. Racing, training, fitness, there aren’t…
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Thoughts on Motivation

I spent a lot of time thinking about motivation last year. 

For most of the cyclists I worked with during 2020, motivation was in short supply. Perhaps that’s why this small video made such an outsized impact on me. 

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop and check it out: unless you’re driving. Why are you on your phone when you’re driving? Anyways, check it out.

Everything You Know About Recovery is Probably True

In today’s video presentation, we take a closer look at how your training choices can impact your recovery, the multi-dimensional nature of fatigue, the role of RPE, methods to quantify recovery, and a handful of the most popular modalities used to improve recovery. Do me a favor, and please watch it in 4K!
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