I bought my first heart rate monitor in high school. Watching my HR blink on my wrist during a run blew my mind. Shortly after finishing college, I snagged my first GPS cycling computer; a power meter came next.

BPM, RPM, and watts all beamed to a tiny computer on my handlebars. These numbers improved how I trained, but more importantly, data made riding more fun.

I fell in love with school for the first time during my graduate program. Data was a bridge between my experience on the bike and the world of exercise science I encountered in the lab.

When I started Data Driven Athlete in 2010, I felt like an evangelist proselytizing the gospel of data. Today, exercise data is everywhere: watches, rings, and glucose monitors.

There’s no limit to the information technology can mine from our lives, yet the drive to “quantify oneself” comes with a cost.

We want technology to improve our health and performance, but we’re so overwhelmed with information we don’t know where to start.

As your coach, I act as a guide, providing personal support along the way as you work to produce your best days ever on the bike.


Cycling Coaching Qualifications