I bought my first heart rate monitor in high school. Going on runs and watching my HR blink on my watch blew my mind. Shortly after finishing college, I snagged my first GPS cycling computer: a power meter came next.

BPM, RPM, and watts: all beamed to a tiny computer on my handlebars. It was all impossibly cool and futuristic. Sure, I could use these numbers to improve how I trained, but most of all, data made riding my bike more fun.

During my graduate program, I fell in love with school for the first time in my life. Data was a bridge between my experience on the bike and the world of science I encountered in the lab.

When I started Data Driven Athlete in 2010, I felt like a part-time evangelist proselytizing the gospel of data. Today, data is everywhere. Phones, watches, rings, there’s no limit to what technology can mine from our lives.

We want technology to improve our health and experience on the bike, but we’re so distracted and overwhelmed by information we don’t even know where to start.

As your coach, my role is to cut through the noise, limit training distractions, and bring clarity to your cycling so you can focus on riding better than ever.


Cycling Coaching Qualifications