Thoughts on Motivation

I spent a lot of time thinking about motivation last year. 

For most of the cyclists I worked with during 2020, motivation was in short supply. Perhaps that’s why this small video made such an outsized impact on me. 

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop and check it out: unless you’re driving. Why are you on your phone when you’re driving? Anyways, check it out.

To Coach is to Teach

I’ve been teaching or coaching in some form since shortly after my sophomore year in college.

Youth soccer camps, basketball, physical education, and health. When I first started coaching, technology resided at the fringes of each of my coaching relationships. Fast-forward nearly twenty years, and the core of my cycling coaching is rooted in technology.

What I’ve Learned: Read More, Browse Less

For most of my life reading has been a chore.  I blame school.  Book reports, essays, and multiple choice questions all turned reading into a means to an end.  My “end” was ensuring my GPA stayed high enough so my parents wouldn’t stop paying for my car insurance.  I always wanted to “read for fun”, school just seemed to make it impossible.