Thoughts on Motivation

I spent a lot of time thinking about motivation last year. 

For most of the cyclists I worked with during 2020, motivation was in short supply. Perhaps that’s why this small video made such an outsized impact on me. 

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop and check it out: unless you’re driving. Why are you on your phone when you’re driving? Anyways, check it out.

Stop Riding Indoors

Hot n’ Fresh from the DDA Newsletter…

Hello Fellow Cyclist,
It’s that time of year when you’re probably thinking about spending more time indoors on the bike. 

If you love riding on a trainer, then bless your heart. I’ve always envied cyclists who have a high tolerance for riding inside. If you’re like me and can’t stand riding in place, then this tip is for you.

A Quick Tip on Managing Your Garmin or Wahoo

Hot n’ Fresh from the DDA Newsletter…

Hello Fellow Cyclist,

One of the first suggestions I give to new athletes I work with is to reexamine each screen on their cycling computer. In short, your cycling computer should be a tool for focus, not distraction. 

Focus not Distraction
I talk a bit about streamlining data in our free eBook and our free Cycling Workout Guide, but here are two quick tips.

Everything You Know About Recovery is Probably True

In today’s video presentation, we take a closer look at how your training choices can impact your recovery, the multi-dimensional nature of fatigue, the role of RPE, methods to quantify recovery, and a handful of the most popular modalities used to improve recovery. Do me a favor, and please watch it in 4K!

High Fat Low Carb Diets

Today I’m kicking off a new blog segment called the “Journal Club.” 

In the Journal Club, we’ll examine a single research paper that holds significance to you as a cyclist. Whenever possible, I’ll select open-access research and include a downloadable link to a personally annotated PDF so you can dig into a full-text version and follow along.

In today’s Journal Club we’ll check out a brand new paper examining the performance implications of a Low Carb High Fat or “keto” diet. Is going “keto” likely to improve your cycling? Let’s find out.

What The Best Cyclists Know

Hot n’ Fresh from the DDA Newsletter…

Hello Fellow Cyclist,

Since July of last year, I’ve been working on a book about cycling training with a slightly different spin.

In my writing, I aim to teach a framework for how you can better prioritize and implement the pieces of cycling wisdom that are most likely to lead toward a great day on the bike.