So you did the research, you purchased a power meter that best meets your needs, and now you’re juiced to finally be riding with power…Now what?

Understanding The Mechanics

Your first step should be making sure you understand how your power meter and head unit work. Make sure you thoroughly understand the process of properly recording and downloading your rides. Here is a common routine for the Quarq Cinqo and Garmin 500 combo I use

  1. Power up the Garmin
  2. Spin the cranks
  3. Pedal backwards periodically during the ride, especially if large temperature swings have occurred
  4. Stop and reset the Garmin at the finish of the ride
  5. Download your ride into Training Peaks and delete the file off the Garmin

These are mechanical steps that might seem unimportant but they will minimize your chances of loosing a power file after a ride.

The Fun Part

You’ve cemented the routine of recording and downloading your data, you’re enjoying the process of seeing instant feedback every time you press on the pedals…now the real work begins…

The next step you want to undertake is to do some sort of performance test. Different cycling coaches might prescribe tests anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes in length, but the goals of a performance test are usually pretty strait forward

  1. Establish a baseline of current fitness
  2. Provide an approximation of power at lactate threshold to establish individualized training zones
  3. Execute a max effort that can be repeated over time to quantify progress

Understanding Your Data

So you’ve got the mechanics of the power meter/data download figured out, and you’ve done a basic performance test to establish a baseline of fitness and create some specific training zone intensities…what’s next? In the next post I’ll discuss some basic guidelines for establishing a training program using your power meter and the data you generate as a guide.

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Nate Dunn, M.S.
Data Driven Athlete