The first time I saw a cycling video with data overlay I knew I had to get to work producing my own. No other type of cycling coverage could come close. The ability to see power, speed, HR, and course location in a live race situation was amazing. Some of the early pioneers of the dark art of telemetry were Steve Weixel and Tom Dillon, the later who even wrote his own telemetry software. Not only did live data make cycling footage exponentially more exciting and engaging to watch, it provided a new learning opportunity with each race.

Cycling Footage In Context

How did your effort hanging on the outside of the pack compare with your effort riding in the middle of the pack? Did you miss an opportunity to improve your position in the last lap of a crit, subsequently boxing yourself in for the final sprint? When you counter attacked did you play it too conservatively? Did you fail to hold your speed coming through each corner?

Having the ability to rewind a race and view footage with live data provides endless opportunities for improvement as a competitive cyclist. Your only limit is your willingness to be self critical or accept constructive criticism from others.

For entertainment or education, the integration of data and video footage opens up exciting new possibilities for the future of our sport. It’s a great time to be racing a bike!

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Nate Dunn, M.S.
Data Driven Athlete