Hot n’ Fresh from the DDA Newsletter…

Hello Fellow Cyclist,

As a kid, I used to love reading my parents Consumer Reports magazines. 

The evidence-based comparisons of TV’s and vacuum cleaners fascinated me (as a side note, you can get free access to the online version of Consumer Reports through your local library, pretty cool). 

As an adult, I don’t read Consumer Reports for leisure; I read it to make my life simpler.

When my list of reliable dishwashers or leaf blowers is shorter, my life is better.

Science offers a rationale for why limiting choice may be an asset to your cycling, and I share a few thoughts on the topic in my latest book excerpt over at the blog. 

“How to train more simply” is the broader topic of a book I’ve been working on the last year and a half. You can check out the full list of book excerpts over at our blog archive

Have you discovered any strategies for limiting choice or simplifying life on the bike? Please share! I’m always interested in learning from others! 

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