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Hello Fellow Cyclist,
It’s that time of year when you’re probably thinking about spending more time indoors on the bike. 

If you love riding on a trainer, then bless your heart. I’ve always envied cyclists who have a high tolerance for riding inside. If you’re like me and can’t stand riding in place, then this tip is for you.

My best tip for indoor haters is to invest heavily in high-quality winter riding gear so you can be outside.

I know, you probably think you already have some good winter riding clothes, but being comfortable when it’s cold outside is all about wearing really good winter clothes.

Great winter clothes all but eliminate the friction of getting outdoors when it’s cold, wet, or both. 

Here are some clothing solutions that have enabled me to quit riding indoors completely. No, these aren’t sponsored or affiliate links, just stuff I’ve purchased and really liked over the years. 

Good pair of winter-specific shoes 
I messed with several toe and shoe covers over the years, but I finally tossed them out. The best option by far is a winter-specific shoe. Pull em over your feet, throw in some chemical toe warmers, and you’re done. 

Full winter tights
I bought my first pair of full-length tights last year; boy was I missing out. One layer, no fiddling with warmers, done. 

Insulated jacket
I love having an insulated jacket because it provides a one-layer solution for cold riding. Slip it on, instantly warm, ventilate if needed.

Rear fender
I’ve used multiple fenders in the past; so far this one has been my favorite. Easy on and off the bike, provides good coverage to minimize dirt and grit in your shorts/saddle, and never scratches the seat stays. 

Do you have any tips for being comfortable while riding through the winter? I’d love to hear what you’ve learned!

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