At DDA, we’ve always had a complicated relationship with Facebook. Long before debates over privacy, polarization, and FOMO, we’ve struggled with how to be “good” at utilizing Facebook as a coaching company.

In our defense, our less than stellar Facebook performance hasn’t come from a lack of effort. We’ve tried promoting blog posts, Facebook Live events, real live events, athlete updates, and everything in between. Despite these best efforts, our social media presence has always been lacking.

Marketing professionals will tell you that a consistent push on social media is a must for any business, so we did our best to get in line. But here’s what started to happen. Our investments in social media began to contradict our evolving philosophy of coaching.

In short, I think most cyclists would be faster and happier if they limited the amount of time they spent on social media. Just an opinion.

FOMO, increased rates of anxiety, and a corrosive impact on the ability to focus. Cycling is hard enough without the ambient pressure of social media. If you’ve found a constructive way to navigate Facebook, my hat goes off to you. We never figured it out.

As we move into our 10th year of cycling coaching, we’ve been reexamining everything we do, starting with this simple question. “What’s the most effective way to continue improving the coaching we deliver to athletes?” We think at least part of the answer is to back away entirely from social media.

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