We admit it, we’re pretty terrible at social media, so here’s where that admission leaves us.

Number 1:  In general, we feel the less time we spend on social media, the more time we have for the other parts of life that matter most.

Number 2:  We won’t create a post on FB just to keep pushing our brand into your social media feed.  It’s exhausting for us and a waste of your time.

Number 3:  If you don’t see much action on FB, it’s not because things aren’t happening, we’re just busy coaching athletes, researching a new training article, spending time with family/friends, or getting crushed on the bike.

Number 4:  The best way to stay up to date on what’s happening with DDA is to subscribe to our newsletter.  We always respect your email address.  No spam, no BS.

If you prefer the dopamine-driven feedback loop of social media, we apologize for our lack of updates and hope you’ll stay in touch through other channels!