It’s been an amazing experience working with and getting to know Nate, but what has been truly transformational has been the practical results of the program he has built around my chaotic work schedule. The data from my first three months tells a very compelling story and something Nate’s made happen:

  • 8.38% reduction body weight
  • 16.27% increase to 300W FTP
  • 26.85% increase to 3.78w/kg @ FTP
  • 36.93% reduction in fat mass

…and that was just the first three months. Every week I ride a new variety of workouts — I am continuously excited to get on the bike and belt out the efforts Nate has prescribed. He also intuitively knows when to ease up and give me a bit of freedom to just get out and ride my road or mountain bike without the structure.

In addition to the training he keeps me on track with my diet, gives amazing advice about gear, understands and provides perspective when I’ve been up half the night with a fussy toddler.

Most importantly, Nate understands the pressures that exist in life and how to prioritize the importance of family and relationships. I think the greatest objective opinion is my wife’s, and in her words, “I am more focused on her and our son, have more energy, and better cope with the daily work stresses.”

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