Training with Nate was an absolute pleasure. I was constantly motivated and excited with my training, which is not always easy. With a busy work schedule allowing for limited time to train I was forced to handle most of my training indoors on a trainer with one or two rides outdoors per week if that.

Nate was able to put together plans that kept the trainer doable and even at times fun!  The fact that he reviews and comments on each and every ride is huge!  Often he would pick up small details I would for sure have looked over.

End of the day it’s about numbers and in 3 months Nate has taken my FTP from 280 to 315.  The guy looks at every detail….every one.  Things I am interested in for sure but frankly don’t have time to pay a ton of attention to.  I’ve found the ideal coach and a solid friend in Nate.

Nate understands the fine balance of keeping it fun and keeping it structured for development/growth as an athlete, a puzzle I know most are unable to do.

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