If you’re a cyclist committed to strength training, commuting back and forth to a gym can be a massive waste of time.

Work pressure, family commitments, and the challenge of setting aside enough time to ride have me convinced that for most cyclists, the best way to make strength training a season-long habit is to do it at home.

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Of course, executing heavy strength training at home requires a dedicated space alongside specialized equipment; that’s what this guide is about.

If you’re willing to consider setting up a strength cave at home, your first order of business is to understand the equipment you’ll need.

To keep things simple, I’m going to share equipment offerings from Rogue Fitness.

These aren’t affiliate links and I’m not sponsored in any way. I’m highlighting Rogue because I think they’re a fantastic company of high integrity with a huge selection of equipment that will cover any sized space you have.

For a world-class strength facility in your own home, this is about all you need:

Squat/Power Rack


Weight Plates

None of this equipment is complicated, but it does require enough ceiling height and floor space to be used safely and effectively.

That brings us to step one in our guide: