In today’s profile we sit down with Data Driven Athlete Ric Reinhardt.  Ric and I have been working together for about 2 years, and his dedication and commitment to training still continues to amaze me.

This year, Ric has found his way onto podiums in Northern California frequently throughout the season.   In this interview we’ll set out to understand a bit more about what makes him tick.

Q- How long have you been riding, and how were you introduced to cycling?

  • I bought my first road bike 5 years ago. I was looking for a different form of exercise that had a social element and a lot of my neighborhood friends rode.

Q- What is your best memory on your bike?

  • That’s a tough one because there are so many. I would say that I enjoy the off season hill rides the most. Not one in particular. I love the rural nature of those rides, the fall colors and riding hard with friends.

Q- How has training with a coach changed cycling for you?

  • NorCal has the strongest masters field in the nation. Working with a coach has enabled me to go from finishing in the middle of the pack to consistently having a shot at the podium.

Q- You have a 3 hour hall pass to ride, where do you go?

  • East, into the hills for sure. There are so many great options, but I’ll typically hit Costco, Beatty, Serrano Prkwy, Deer Valley and then maybe wind my way to Pedro Hill and Salmon Falls home.

Q- What is your favorite workout and why?

  • VO2 Max intervals. I just like to ride hard.

Q- What have you focused on “off the bike” this year that has made a difference in your performance?

  • Hitting the gym. I think integrating weightlifting with core has given me an extra edge this year.

Q- What is your favorite breakfast on a day with a big ride?

  • I don’t know about favorite, but I am consistent. Steel cut oats, protein shake and beet juice.

Q- If you had to choose one of the following to be without on a long ride – which would it be?

A) Garmin
B) Food
C) Bottles
D) Jersey

  • Garmin for sure. I prefer to ride off of RPE on long rides.

Q- What was your biggest accomplishment this season?

  • Winning at Cats Hill and being consistently competitive.

Q- If you could sum up your experience with your coach in 5 words, what would they be?

  • Organized, experienced, motivating, adaptive, success.

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Matt Chatlaong
Associate Coach
Data Driven Athlete