Data Driven Athlete delivers. I have developed a late passion for stage racing and DDA has helped me achieve results that are beyond my expectations.  

The professional guidance provided through online coaching by DDA Head Coach Nate Dunn has been a real eye opener and has been key to making me a better cyclist.

Most importantly, the training program developed by Nate takes into account my busy work-life with frequent travels and my family commitments; it’s a diverse and fun program that combines indoor workouts, quality outdoor rides, core strength exercises – and provides valuable insights on a wide range of nutrition issues.

I feel really fortunate to be part of the greater DDA family!

It is a fantastic learning experience for me, with Coach Nate doing a great job at explaining everything in great detail and I am thankful for the exposure to cutting-edge, practical knowledge about training and sports nutrition.

The best part of it all?  Seeing that my improvement on the bike, as evidenced by the data generated from the training sessions, actually translates into better results at races – I finally made it to the podium in my most recent stage race!

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