The Data Driven Athlete Philosophy

human – data – science

What’s the best way to train during the off-season?  Does strength training work?  Are you fueling enough on the bike?  How can you get lean and stay lean?

It depends…

The answers to most training questions and the core of the DDA coaching philosophy can be condensed into two words.  It depends.  Here’s why:

  • Human first, athlete second.  Cycling is important but should always be measured against family commitments, work responsibilities, and other life stressors.  The training prescription we provide will always seek to achieve balance to best enable your long-term success on the bike and in other areas of life.
  • Each cyclist is unique.   We provide value by offering coaching support specific to your needs as an athlete.  We work hard to combine our backgrounds in exercise science with the power of data to give you the best individualized training advice possible.
  • Never stop learning.  Every week we’re committed to reading the most current research in exercise science and sports nutrition in an effort to offer you the best “evidence based” guidance possible.

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