My cycling history goes back to the 1980’s when I started racing my bike in high school. I progressed to Collegiate (CU Boulder) and USAC racing where I eventually landed on a pro cycling team in 1995.

I quit cycling in 2000 and came back to the sport with the help of Nate in 2011 where I decided to restart at the bottom.

Nate brought me from a Cat 5 to a Category 2 racer in just over 2 years by tapping into my past experience and using the best technology for training and Nate’s insight. As a Masters / Category 2 racer and a father of four with a full time job, my training time is limited and Nate has taken great pains to craft a training schedule based around my limited time on the bike.

Any coach can develop a detailed training program, but Nate goes beyond just the power numbers and inquires about the athlete themselves in an attempt to get the most out of every athlete while understanding how each person’s personal life affects their training. Even with my numerous years of racing and training at a high level, Nate’s innovative cycling approach has given me a new approach to training that I only wish I had back in my glory days.

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