I’ve had Sam as my coach since April.  I had been pretty disappointed with my performance in the first half of the season as I struggled to even finish some races where I had historically been very dominant.  Going from off the back to four top 10s and a fourth place overall at Cascade stage race in the span of 2-months was something I didn’t think was possible.  I 100% know that I wouldn’t have performed that way had I continued “coaching” myself.  It definitely improved my performance more than a set of wheels and a new bike would have.

Sam gives me more than just workouts. He has helped coach me on race mentality and racecraft, which is something I don’t think I could really teach myself.  He gives me race advice and helps me debrief on how I can race better.  For example, our P12 team raced the Golden State crit series with Sam.  At first I thought it would be strange to try and beat my coach in a race (highly unlikely, but still a fun endeavor).

But afterwards he was able to give me observed, practical, actionable coaching on my performance. EG When I went for that 2-to-go flyer at the end, I should’ve never looked back and doubted I could make it–I should’ve just turned myself inside out for one more minute and fully committed to the move (learning: never finish a race wondering “could I have done more to win?”).

Before you go out and buy a new set of flash new wheels, I’d HIGHLY recommend seeking DDA’s services.  I guarantee you you’ll save more than the claimed 10 watts advantage a sweet wheelset gives you.  To be coached by someone who has clearly demonstrated they know what they’re doing is awesome!

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