Working with Nate has been a great experience and has led to incredible improvements in my cycling ability and racing performance.  Prior to working with Nate, my training was limited to jumping into whatever group ride was around or pedaling about mindlessly.

This quickly changed as we identified weaknesses and began to develop structured workouts to address these weaknesses.  I’ll admit, the change in the program was rough as Nate was keen on pushing me into working harder than I had in the past.

There are moments I think he may hate me when I see what’s on tap for the day.   However, the results were quickly realized and I began to feel stronger and perform better in races.   As a result of the improved fitness, I was able to transition from a “just sit in” pack fill type of racer to one that was much more assertive and was on the podium or winning races.

I’ve found Nate to be realistic in his approach and he’s been able to maximize what time I have available for the bike.  He is also very considerate of my time by providing quick assessments of my effort and never being late for a scheduled call.  It is great not having to worry about any of these small details.

All in all, his work has helped me grow as a cyclist and has expanded what I thought I could accomplish on the bike.

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