Developing a coaching relationship with Nate Dunn over the past few years has been an incredible experience. The Data Driven Athlete coaching experience has helped me harness my passion for riding to produce real results in races and on the road.

The biggest difference for me was learning to trust my coach because the time he takes to customize a training plan and individual workouts ensures I get adequate rest while still riding hard and pushing my limits through a long season of racing. Previously I would just ride hard often; which resulted in gains on the road but feeling tired most of the time.

Nate quickly figured out what motivates me as an athlete and what other life drivers impact my ability to train. Weekly reviews and feedback sessions help redirect plans for key events based on data and stress scores. For example, if work demands a full week of skipping workouts and added stress, the season isn’t blown, we review upcoming workouts and make changes to get race fitness back on track asap, and this happens often throughout the year!

The end product has been customized training plans that appease my work life schedule and a relationship that has helped me improve year over year.

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