Working with Matt has been nothing short of awesome. Other than being an all around great guy who I would gladly have a beer with, Matt’s helped me grow a lot as an athlete in the year we’ve been working together.

He’s helped me push past what I thought to be my limits and achieve things I initially thought were impossible (some examples: good results in challenging / hilly races, significant increases in sustainable and anaerobic power, completing near impossible workouts, losing an extra 10ish pounds, bouncing back from injury).

On top of that, Matt’s knowledge of exercise science (particularly how to train different energy systems and understanding their capabilities) has helped me really buy in to the training that we’re doing and recognize the results.

Lastly Matt’s race guidance has helped massively, with all that goes on in a race it can be pretty overwhelming as a beginner and having someone with first-hand experience has helped me figure out how to convert fitness into results (although I still have a lot to learn).

Overall it’s been a great year and I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish in the next year.

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