Before I started training with Nate my rides were always a mishmash of efforts without any real purpose, usually ending with me wasting countless hours on the bike. With Nate’s guidance I was able to narrow the focus of my rides to get the most out of the time I spent on the bike.

Once we started working together Nate showed that he could effectively schedule a training plan that was not only focused and with purpose, but one what was flexible around my busy school and work life.

His constant feedback and communication is assuring after hours of slaying yourself on a bike, but more importantly his genuine concern and interest in your goals as cyclist, and having him help you every step of the way shows not only his love of the sport, but for helping other people as well.

Perhaps the only thing more rewarding than being able to work alongside such a professional and good spirited person, is seeing yourself get stronger, and surpass your goals you once thought impossible.

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