Morgan C.

I’ve had Sam as my coach since April.  I had been pretty disappointed with my performance in the first half of the season as I struggled to even finish some races where I had historically been very dominant.  Going from off the back to four top 10s and a fourth place overall at Cascade stage race in the span of 2-months was something I didn’t think was possible.  I 100% know that I wouldn’t have performed that way had I continued “coaching” myself.  It definitely improved my performance more than a set of wheels and a new bike would have.

Jack W.

I started my cycling career being a mid pack finisher in cat 5 races.  With the help of Nate and DDA I was able to quickly move up and get Faster.  In the span of 2.5 years I went from cat 5 to 2x state champion and 2x national medalist.

Tom C.

I had a great experience working with Nate! He helped me understand my training, set up goals, and measurably improve my cycling performance.

Andras N.

In the past three years I’ve read multiple books and educated myself to be a better athlete and keep improving.  At the end of last year I clearly felt that I plateaued in performance and I really wanted to try what difference a real coach would make.

Cam J.

Working with Matt has been nothing short of awesome. Other than being an all around great guy who I would gladly have a beer with, Matt’s helped me grow a lot as an athlete in the year we’ve been working together.

Patrick V.

Data Driven Athlete delivers. I have developed a late passion for stage racing and DDA has helped me achieve results that are beyond my expectations.  

Ron S.

My coaching experience with Matt has been outstanding.  Over the past year of working together I was able to hit my best all time 20-minute power, signaling continued progress on the bike.