With 2016 just starting, it’s interesting to note that only 8% of people are actually successful in their new year’s resolutions.  Why so much failure? I think it’s over-reliance on internal motivation.

Worthless Alone

When it comes to training, internal motivation alone is close to worthless.  On a personal level I don’t really enjoy riding that much.  I ride regularly not because I love spending time on the bike but because I love the secondary benefits of being fit.

I love to objectively measure my progress, play a competitive role in races, and develop memories with my friends.  These benefits are only possible when I ride consistently. External pressure sustains my long term progress on the bike, not internal motivation.

Date on the Calendar

A group ride this weekend, a race in early March, a gran fondo in April.  Whatever your “event”, if you’re serious about getting better in 2016 start filling up your calendar now.

Use your “new year’s motivation” to research events in your area.  Make a resolution to construct external pressure to stay on track throughout the year.  You’ll gain the ability to power through when motivation is lacking.

Smarter Nutrition

Speaking of getting faster in 2016.  If you’re in the Sacramento area this coming Monday, January 11th,  Stop by Kinetic Cycles at 7PM for a free presentation on how to eat better and ride faster in the new year.  Hope to see you there!

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