Changes at the Site
I’ve been writing content for the DDA site for nearly 10 years. This past year I’ve come to realize a few things. There are three primary ways people stay motivated to create great content year after year. They either support their work with adds, paid memberships, or a combination of both.

I can’t stand ads cluttering up my site so I’ve created a few membership options to support the most time-intensive chunks of cycling content you’ll find at the site. If you’re interested you can check out our membership options at this link.

To Teach is to Coach
Speaking of new content. I’ve spent the last three months building out a new section of our website called the Cycling Workout Guide. It contains close to 50 custom graphics and short video tutorials, alongside in-depth explanations to help deepen your understanding of the science and theory behind the majority of workouts you’re likely to come across in a power-based training system. 

Our latest post on the blog gives some background and context of how this workout guide came about. You can check out that post and a bunch of samples from the guide by clicking on this link.

Nate Dunn
Founder/Head Coach
Data Driven Athlete