The Language of Training
In our latest post on the blog we take a look at the three primary languages of training we use throughout the coaching process. If you want to head directly to the post you can click here. If you prefer a short video summary you can check things out over at YouTube.

If you prefer to keep things in your email here’s a quick summary. 

Our subjective training language that captures what cycling feels like. An important complement to our next training language. 

We use a six-zone system anchored around the concept of power at the lactate threshold. Power provides our objective language of training helping us be more specific in how we describe and prescribe training. 

Exercise Physiology (Energy Systems)
Understanding the way our three energy systems contribute to power production helps to add context for why we do a specific workout while offering perspective on how changes in our physiology can better support our goals on the bike. 

Nate Dunn
Founder/Head Coach
Data Driven Athlete