Getting a Concussion

Have you had a concussion before?  Most of the cyclists I’ve talked with have experienced at least one concussion if they’ve been riding for any length of time.

6 weeks after a bad group ride crash I’m still shaking off symptoms of nausea, headaches, and problems with concentrating on a computer/phone screen.

I’m certainly no expert on concussions but there are a few things I’ve learned that I wish I had known before hitting the deck.

If you want to head directly to the post you can click here.  If you’re short on time here are a few key takeaways.

  1. All helmets don’t seem to be equally safe.  Your best chance to avoid a concussion might be to make sure your helmet includes technology to reduce linear acceleration and rotational velocity.
  2. If you do sustain a concussion, make sure you have the best information available to ensure a safe return to riding.
  3. Concussion symptoms and recovery time lines can be all over the map.  This unpredictability can be really frustrating.  Try to not beat yourself up and rest more instead.

Going Low Carb

Enough talk about head injuries.  If you’re interested in taking a deeper look at low carb training check out our latest episode of DDA Live.

If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind carbohydrate restriction, our DDA Live episode should be a great primer to help you make the best decision possible when it comes to carb restriction in your own training.

Nate Dunn
Founder/Head Coach
Data Driven Athlete