A Social Media Admission

DDA has a complicated relationship with social media.  For almost 10 years, Facebook have served as a great way for us to share training articles and other content we’ve worked really hard to create.

On the other hand it’s impossible to ignore the fact that for many people, the more time they spend on social media, the more miserable they are.

I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to suggest that if you spend less time on social media, you’ll probably have more time to be present in the moments of life that actually matter.

To that end, we hope this newsletter can be our primary method of staying in touch with those of you interested in DDA.  We aim to opt out of the “social media arms race” and double down on our commitment to connect with our family, friends, and athletes more fully in the real world.

Athlete Success

Speaking of reducing social media clutter, we want to find a better way to celebrate the success of our athletes beyond a quick podium shot on social media.

We’re still trying to figure out the best strategy but for now we’ve enjoyed taking a closer look at some of our athletes in the “Athlete Profile” section of our blog.  You can check out our latest athlete profile on Anthony Yezek at this link.

How to Race Better

In our most recent post on the blog coach Sam Bassetti and myself break down the basics of how to race better.  Our post should help you navigate the weeds of some common race tactics, but if you’re looking to simplify your approach when you find yourself in the middle of a race/group ride, here’s the best place to start.

  1. Ask yourself: “Am I where I want to be”?
  2. Follow up with, “How can I get where I want to be be in the most energy efficient manner possible?

If you approach each of your races with these simple questions you’re bound to make better decisions that improve your likelihood for podium success.

Nate Dunn
Founder/Head Coach
Data Driven Athlete