I love camping with my family.  Seeing my kids enjoy the simplicity of living in a tent while soaking up 7 days of nature in the Uintas range in Utah was a highlight of my summer.

After this trip I also came to realize how much life there is to be reclaimed when I intentionally disconnect from technology.  In our latest post on the blog I discuss what I’ve learned about how to better manage the buzzing energy of my smartphone.

You can head directly to the post by clicking here or if you’re short on time, here are some of the key takeaways.

  • Researchers in 2017 found the closer a subject was to their phone, the worse they performed on a cognitive test.  This was even with the phone silenced and the screen not visible.
  • The more attached you are to your phone, the more you stand to gain from intentional separation.  I’ve come to realize that planning multi-day periods away from my phone always seem to energize the areas of my life that matter most: my role as a husband, father, and coach.
  • It’s taken a dedicated strategy for me to defend my attention from the time sucking power of my phone.  In short, I try to make it inaccessible and inconvenient to use throughout my day

2019 Sacramento Training Camp

We’ve had a training camp in the Napa Valley the last two years but for 2019 we wanted to try something different.  If you’re from the Sacramento area you already know how completely awesome the riding is around here, if you’re not from around here then we want to show you!

On January 19-21 we’ll be holding our 3rd annual DDA Training camp in Sacramento, CA. Our number one objective for this camp was to make it as accessible as possible at only 100 bucks for the full weekend.  You can read all the specifics about the camp at this link.  

3 days of epic rides, homemade ride food, and full sag support.  Sam, Matt, and I are super excited to host an awesome weekend of riding and we hope to see you there!

Nate Dunn
Founder/Head Coach
Data Driven Athlete