Gearing up for a Cycling Tour?  Start here

In our most recent post on the blog we take a comprehensive look at how to prepare for a multi-day cycling tour.  If you want to jump in you can head directly to the post by clicking here, if you’re short on time here are some of the keys to making sure you’re fit and fresh for your next cycling tour.

  • Understand the specific demands of your tour
  • Utilize a calendar and create a plan
  • Ride consistently
  • Acclimate to the environment of your tour
  • Practice nutrition

Even if you’re not planning for an upcoming tour, this post is a great review on several key components of a great training plan.  Head over to the site and give it a read 🙂

Data & Tactics

DDA coach Sam Bassetti has been on a tear this year solidifying his spot as one of the best riders in the domestic peloton.

In another recent post we break down his win at the Winston-Salem Classic.  We didn’t want this post to be a typical race report, our goal was to get deep into the data of his performance in order to provide interesting context behind his tactical decisions throughout the race.

If you love race tactics or are interested in learning more about the demands of top level racing in the US, this post is a great read.

Without getting too deep into the details of the post, I wanted to leave you with one main point.  No matter what your best tactical strength on the bike, (short sprints, longer sprints, long range attacks, or TT’s), success in cycling is predicated on a high level of aerobic fitness.

Sam’s greatest tactical strength on the bike is in the 45 seconds to 1 minute range of power, a range of cycling fitness generally referred to as “anaerobic capacity”.


Even an explosive/”anaerobic” effort like this is fueled nearly 50% from our oxidative (aerobic) energy system.  That’s a fancy way of saying don’t get carried away with doing a bunch off short, explosive intervals in hopes of improving your ability to win races.  When it comes to cycling performance, improving aerobic fitness should always be the primary focus of your training!

Nate Dunn
Founder/Head Coach
Data Driven Athlete