Read More, Browse Less

In our latest post on the blog I share a bit about what I’ve learned when it comes to trying to make more time to read.  You can head directly to the post by clicking here but if you’re short on time here are the basics.

  1. Get a Kindle.  The portability and ease of downloading books keeps me constantly stocked with reading content I’m excited about.
  2. Utilize the library.  You can borrow most e-books and read on your Kindle for free.  All you need is a library card.
  3. Maintain a reading list.  If you’re borrowing from the library you might need to plan ahead.
  4. Leave the internet out of the bedroom.  My reading progress improved massively once I made a commitment to limit my distractions.

In short, reading for me is like getting on the bike.  I’ve never regretted going for a ride or taking the time to dig into a book.  I always arrive at a better place when I get home from a ride or finish the final chapter in a book.

Revisiting VO2max

One thing I love about the blog format is the ability to revisit and revise training concepts we’ve explored in the past.  I’m always tinkering with past blog posts to edit and improve and the most recent example is our post on VO2max.  

Over the past year as I read additional studies on VO2max I wanted to dig in and revise our article to better explain the components of VO2max along with the best ways to improve it.

The first thing I did was rebuild our graphic explaining the components of V02max.  The second thing I did was add an additional perspective on intermittent work intervals.

In short, if you’re a highly trained cyclist, or looking to really push your maximal aerobic capacity, implementing 30s on, 15s off type intervals might provide a significant boost to your fitness.  Here’s how the workout looks as referenced in our post.  Head directly to our post on VO2max by clicking on the image below.

Ronnestad protocol (3 X 10m of 30s on, 15s off w/3m of rest between each series)

Whether you’re preparing for a road race or looking to get in the best shape possible for an upcoming cycling tour, implementing a focused strategy to improve your VO2max can go a long way toward improving your cycling!

Nate Dunn
Founder/Head Coach
Data Driven Athlete