In our last newsletter we looked at better routines. Today we’re examining 3 areas where smarter nutrition can impact your riding. Let’s get to it.

Getting Lean

If you struggle keeping your weight down I’ve got one tip for you.  Focus on eating more protein. Protein is more satiating and thermogenic (requires more energy to digest) than carbohydrate or fat.

In simple terms, if you substituted fat or carb calories 1 for 1 for protein you would probably get leaner.

Fueling Your Rides

In general, if you ate more on your long rides there’s a good chance you could train harder and perform better.

Current carb recommendations are 30-90g/hour (depending on intensity and duration) during exercise.  At the high end, that’s 1 bottle of drink mix, 1 gel, and 1 pack of energy chews per hour of riding.

Maximizing Recovery

Most cyclists don’t realize the impact a quality carb/protein snack immediately after a ride can have on overall health.

In a fascinating study done on marine recruits, researchers found by supplementing with a 100 calorie protein/carb/fat drink immediately after exercise, recruits had fewer viral/bacterial infections and fewer joint/muscle problems.

In short, if you’re smart about eating carbs and protein immediately after your rides, there’s a good chance you’ll get sick less. That’s a big deal.

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