Training Tip:  Pay Attention to your Bones

We wrote about bone density a few years ago on the blog, but a recent lay article highlights a new study  demonstrating that even 1 minute of jarring impacts a day can have a positive effect on bone health.

In short, if you’re a masters athlete who rides a bunch, it’s essential to add supplementary “bone health” exercise to your training routine.

If you’re short on time and don’t have a chance to read our original post on bone density, here’s a short workout designed to improve bone health.

Workout Instructions

Focus on impeccable/obsessive compulsive form for each exercise. Rest for 30s between each set.

3 X 10 Forward lunges, alternating each leg
3 X 15 Kneeling push-ups, progressing to full, then elevated as strength improves
3 X 30s Planks, progressing with more time as strength improves
3 X 10 Drop jumps from 15″ platform rebounding immediately into jump
3 X 10 Side jumps over center line or taller object as strength improves

Blog Update: Data, Software, and Happiness

This month I had the privilege of attending the TrainingPeaks 2017 Endurance Coaching Summit (ECS) in Boulder, CO.  While in Boulder, I had a great time  meeting other coaches and getting to know a few of the faces behind TrainingPeaks.

The ECS served as an awesome opportunity to learn a bit more about the future of endurance sports coaching while developing a bunch of new ideas for Data Driven Athlete.  To read more about the impact of data and software on the future of endurance sport keep reading over at the blog.

Nate Dunn
Founder/Head Coach
Data Driven Athlete