Recovery: Your First Step

I’ve written about post-ride recovery before but I came across a recent study that further highlighted the central role of smarter nutrition in maximizing recovery.

In short, recovery starts with consuming adequate carbohydrate during your ride, not only after.  This particular study highlighted the immune boost of proper carb intake shortly before and during exercise.

Intense exercise is a challenge for your immune system.  Consuming adequate carbs during a ride insures your body has the best chance to fight illness and recover faster.

Less illness, faster recovery, and improved cycling performance.  Thinking more critically about your nutrition can have a profound impact on you riding.

If you’re confused about ride nutrition, check out this post where you’ll get specific recommendations for all types of ride lengths and intensities.

Zwift Live | Watts up with Power Presentation

If you’re around your computer or phone tomorrow morning at 6:30AM PST, check out Watts Up With Power on the Zwift Live Facebook Livestream where I’ll be discussing the transition from indoor to outdoor riding this spring.

Stop by for a short presentation or to ask a few questions in our open Q & A.  Hope to see you there!

Nate Dunn
Founder/Head Coach
Data Driven Athlete