Riding Better in 2017

The winter riding in Northern California has been rough this year.  Lots of rain has meant many of us have been riding less than we would like.

If you’ve established some big goals for 2017 a rough winter can be stressful.  Weekends slip by, missed workouts start piling up, and your goal event inches closer and closer.

My suggestion for riding better in 2017 is to spend less time focused on goals, and more time focused on a process to achieve those goals.

Here’s a great article that examines this concept in more depth, but in short, a focus on process cultivates what researchers label “harmonious passion”.

In simple terms “harmonious passion” is a love of doing work.  “Doing work” is what shapes you on the bike over weeks, months, and years while providing confidence to move past getting dropped on a group ride or failing to get on the podium.

Furthermore, a commitment to process will sustain you during times of frustration and disappointment.  Goals will come and go, a love of work will shape you far beyond a challenging winter.

DDA Updates

2017 is already off to a fast start.  A few weeks ago we held our first DDA Napa Valley training camp.  Somehow we managed to dodge the wet NorCal winter and enjoyed 3 days of perfect weather while riding and eating our way through the Napa Valley.  We’ll be doing another summer training camp and would love to have you join us!  Stay tuned for details.

2016 in Review

2016 was a busy year for DDA.  Here are a few highlights

  • Welcomed our baby boy Charles into the Dunn family.
  • Brought Matt Chatlaong on as an associate coach.  Matt completed his USAC Level 2 certification in November and his B.S. in Exercise Science in December.  He’s been an indispensable addition to DDA!
  • Brought Sam Bassetti on as an associate coach.  Sam has a B.A. in Exercise Biology coupled with an extensive racing background.  He’s been another great addition to our team!
  • Led an open ride series out of Folsom exploring some of the best roads in the Sacramento area.  We plan to do many more in 2017!
  • Rebuilt our entire workout library while expanding our coaching offerings with pre-built training plans.  If you haven’t utilized the new “downloadable” workout feature on your Garmin, Zwift, or other training apps, give it a try!

As always, thanks for your support over the past year.  Looking forward to new projects and opportunities in the upcoming year.  Here’s to process and a love of work in 2017 🙂

Nate Dunn
Founder/Head Coach
Data Driven Athlete

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