Peak: Secrets From the New Science of Expertise

I’m terribly prone to wasting time on the internet. It’s an area of life I’m trying to improve. Reading an actual book takes more work than aimlessly scrolling online but it’s always worth the effort.

Anders Ericsson’s “Peak” is one of my recent favorites. I’ve found it to be motivating and inspiring. Ericsson has become known for highlighting the role of “deliberate practice” in achieving excellence.

The basic premise of Peak is that you don’t improve a skill by simply practicing it over and over. Excellence requires a commitment to focused, intentional, purposeful, and deliberate practice.

Peak is full of examples of how deliberate practice is a more powerful driver of greatness than “natural talent”. If you’re striving to get better at something, from business, to playing the piano, to cycling, Peak lays the groundwork for how to get there.

Blog Update: Time off the Bike: How Much is Too Much?

October signals the end of the road racing calendar and the beginning of the off season. It’s common to hear other riders’ plans to take time off the bike, sometimes a week, maybe even a month. So how much “down time” is right for you?

In our latest blog post DDA Coach Matt Chatlaong takes a closer look at how much time is ideal when stepping away from the bike. Head to the blog for a quick read on improving your off-season strategy and as always, thanks for reading!

Head directly to Matt’s blog post.

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