We’ve been busy at Data Driven Athlete doing lots of planning and learning over the last few months. Here are a few details:

Medicine of Cycling Conference

Nate had a great time at the Medicine of Cycling Conference at USA Cycling in Colorado Springs, CO two weeks ago. Highlights included a presentation on overtraining and underperformance from the Team Cannondale physician Kevin Sprouse as well as a lecture on cycling physiology from leading exercise physiologist Inigo San Milan. Two days of lectures and presentations from lots of smart people!

Napa Valley Training Camp

Both Nate and Matt are super excited to announce the 2017 Data Driven Athlete Cycling Camp in Calistoga, CA. The dates will be January 14-16, 2017 in the incomparable Napa Valley. Join us for an unforgettable weekend of riding, learning and eating. Click on this link for more details about the camp. We would love to see you there!

Blog Update

Nate’s just written a new blog post on how to have a better off-season. The key, do something different! Continue reading his post by clicking¬†here.