Coach Interviews

New DDA coach Matt Chatlaong and I have been having a lot of fun over the past few months.  We’ve got some cool plans for different clinics and camps in the upcoming year but in the meantime check out the interviews we both conducted on each other.

From cycling and fatherhood to gluttony after a big ride, Matt gives me the Terry Gross treatment in his 10 questions interview.

From his hard to pronounce last name to botching a vital quote in one my favorite movies, learn a bit more about Matt in this quick interview.

‘Merica, The Tour de France, and Optimal Cadence

As we approach July I’m always excited to watch the tour.  For the past 8 years It’s become a family tradition to eat dinner in front of the TV while we watch each stage together.  These three weeks in July are always my favorite time of the year!

Speaking of the Tour, now’s a good time to revisit an old post from the DDA archives where we examined the concept of “optimal cadence”. Does it even exist? Check out the post for answers. Here’s to a great July. Enjoy the Tour!