It’s been a busy past few months around the Data Driven Athlete family.   A quick update as well as an invitation to attend our next training lecture at Kinetic Cycles is in order.

A growing family and bike racing

On Feb 21st my wife Christy gave birth to a baby boy, Charles Jacob Dunn. Named after a favorite uncle and a former student and friend who donated 1/2 his liver to me, baby Charles has been an awesome addition to our family!

Amidst the extra clutter and dirty diapers we’ve been readjusting to a “new normal” around the house. I’ve managed to continue to spend quality time on the bike while Charles adjusts to a new life with his big sister Louisa.

With a bit of balance returning to our lives we just returned from a great family vacation where we were able to spend extended time with family, friends, and a bit of beach in Southern California. Double car sets, two tired kids, many of you know the drill!

Training Lecture @ Kinetic Cycles

Now back in Sacramento I wanted to invite you to attend our 6th training Lecture at Kinetic Cycles this coming Monday April 25th, at 7PM.

Our presentation is titled “Training on the Bike: The Absolute Basics” and will cover the essentials of creating your own training plan in conjunction with an open Q&A to answer any specific questions you might have about your own training.

Stop by, grab a free beer, and invite your friends.  All are welcome from beginner to advanced. Hope to see you there!


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