B.A. Exercise Biology | USAC Level 3 Coach

My name is Sam Bassetti and I have been doing Grasshopper Adventure Series events since about 2009.  Grasshoppers will take you on a tour of some of Sonoma County’s best roads and trails.  For me, Grasshoppers have always provided a perfect balance between fun and competition.

Over the years I have done almost every Hopper, and have been able to win several.  These events always challenge me physically and mentally on my favorite roads in the world.  I created these plans to help you fine tune your fitness by giving you a structured approach to training in the weeks leading up to each Hopper.

Select a plan below to be get mentally and physically prepared to have the time of your life over some of the best roads in the world.  I trust you’ll enjoy each Hopper as much as I have!  Header photo credit – John Blackwell