Nate discusses the absolute basics of training

Show Notes


  1. Full-time coach in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Online.
    1. Coaching
    2. Pre-built training plans
    3. Napa Valley Training Camp
  2. Two other great coaches at DDA
    1. Matt Chatlaong
    2. Sam Bassetti

Training: The Absolute Basics

  1. Step One:  Answer the “why train” question
  2. Why train vs. “just ride”?
    1. Competitive in road races
    2. Fit enough to ride with friends
    3. Feeling of accomplishment and forward progress
    4. Stay lean
    5. Experience adventure and exhaustion
    6. Establish an example of hard work, discipline, and delayed gratification for my kids

Training Silver Bullet

  1. Step Two:  Consistency is the training silver bullet
  2. Best way to be consistent is to sign up for an event, now
  3. No greater predictor of consistency than having an event on the calendar
  4. Doesn’t have to be a race
    1. Group ride
    2. Cycling vacation
    3. Fondo

Training Time

  1. Step Three:  How much realistic time do you have to train?
  2. Break down each day
  3. Example
    1. Monday – No Time
    2. Tuesday – 45 minutes in morning
    3. Wednesday – 2 hours from 5-7PM
    4. Thursday – 1 hour from 4-5PM
    5. Friday – No time
    6. Saturday – 3 hours from 7-10AM
    7. Sunday – 45 minutes in morning


  1. Step Four: Progressive Overload
    1. Can’t get faster without overload
    2. Different ways to apply overload
      1. Volume vs Intensity
  2. Which is better?
  3. It depends on available time
  4. Short on time, focus on intensity
    1. Interval progression
    2. Hunt Strava PR’s/KOM’s
    3. Ride with faster friends
    4. Race/ride more challenging terrain
  5. Lots of time, focus on volume


  1. Answer the “Why Train” question
  2. Drive consistency by signing up for an event
  3. Assess your available training time in detail
  4. Apply progressive overload to your training through volume or intensity

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