1: Think about your space

In my small house, the garage is the ideal space for strength training; here’s why.

  1. The garage is the furthest point away from our bedrooms, allowing me to train early in the morning without disrupting sleeping kids.
  2. The garage is a flexible space, meaning I can back the car out and immediately triple my floor space for workouts, then return equipment to the corner when the car needs to go back in the garage.  

Whatever spot works best for your strength cave, the next step is to grab a measuring tape.

Measure Floor Space

For a functional barbell training space, you’ll probably need at least an 8′ X 8′ patch of floor. 

Measure Ceiling Height

For a full-sized squat stand/rack you’ll want at least an 8-foot ceiling. For ceilings under 8 feet your options will be limited.

Once you’ve confirmed the general measurements of your space, put down masking tape on the floor to better visualize your strength cave footprint.

Does the car still fit? Can you still open the doors in the garage as needed? If you’re comfortable with the commitment of floor space, the next step is to begin looking at equipment.

2: Choose a stand or rack

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