RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)

RPE captures how difficult an interval or training session felt by taking into account all variables of life. Sleep, nutrition, family, and work stress; all impact how hard training feels.

RPE’s greatest strength is condensing our perception of physical and psychological stress into one number.

Naturally, our perceptions of training are subjective, and that’s precisely why RPE is so valuable.

Our RPE scale uses a one through ten system. One is extremely easy, and ten is extremely hard.

For a deeper dive into how you might utilize RPE in your training, check out our RPE for Cycling Guide.

You can dig into our second training language of power by clicking on page three.

Zone 3 – Tempo

“Tempo” might be the most worthless description for a general training intensity, but its widespread usage in cycling circles means we’re stuck with it. What does “tempo” mean exactly? Let’s jump in.

Zone 5 – VO2

Your VO2max is the maximal amount of oxygen consumed during progressive all-out exercise. In the weight conscious world of cycling, VO2max is most commonly discussed in relative terms scaled to a riders weight as milliliters of oxygen, per kilogram of weight, per minute of exercise mL/kg/min.