Stage Two: Fueling During

As mentioned earlier, carbohydrate intake during exercise should scale to the intensity and duration of your ride.

Here’s what a scaled approach to carbohydrate intake looks like, stretched over a timeline of possible ride durations [1].

Estimates listed are for hourly carb intakes beginning at your ride.

Example: If your ride is three hours, shoot for about 75 g/hr of carbs in the first, second, and third hours of your ride.

Knowing you need to eat more carbs on the bike is one thing; getting it done consistently is another.

We’re going to outline four training skills to help you nail the basics of fueling every time you clip in.

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We introduced the necessity of carbohydrates for cyclists, and strategies for fueling before, and during your rides.

In our final stage, we’ll cover the period of time after you cross the finish line or push the save button on your cycling computer.