Looking for an in-depth analysis of your past, present, and future cycling performance?

How about additional insight on how to improve the efficiency of your training?

Cycling Performance Assessment

Our Cycling Performance Assessment (CPA) is a great option for those athletes looking for an in-depth analysis of their cycling performance without the commitment of monthly personal coaching.

Our CPA’s offer a comprehensive look at your past, present, and future cycling performance.

Our CPA’s are carried out by Nate and carry a price of $300.  Here’s what the package looks like.

  1. Introductory Athlete Questionnaire
  2. 1-hour phone call to discuss your past and present status on the bike.
  3. Comprehensive cycling performance report utilizing WKO5 where we highlight:
    1. Historical performance trends spanning your complete cycling history
    2. Current season trends with peak performance highlights
    3. Comprehensive strengths and weaknesses profile
    4. Strategies to plan for peak performance in the future
  4. 1-hour wrap-up phone call where we discuss cycling performance report and concrete recommendations for future training

Hourly Consultation

Have questions about training, sports nutrition, or any other facet related to your cycling?  We offer hourly consultation to help keep you on track without a coaching commitment.  Our consultation rate is $125/hour and can be carried out locally, over the phone, or via Skype.

If you have any further questions about our Cycling Performance Assessment our hourly consultation please contact us.  We would love to chat!