As cycling coaches, we aim to help cyclists of all abilities discover what they’re capable of.

No matter your goals, we are passionate about applying our backgrounds in exercise science and sports nutrition to help you train smarter, eat better, and ride faster.

If you’re in Sacramento, San Francisco, or the Northern California area, contact us to set up a consultation.  If online coaching works best, let’s connect over email, phone, or Skype.

Nate Dunn | Head Coach/Founder

Nate Dunn M.S. | USAC Level 1 Coach | Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN)

Nate’s entire career has been spent in education and coaching.  As a former teacher and now full-time cycling coach, he is most excited about helping clients discover more about themselves as they achieve their goals on the bike.

As a lifelong student of exercise science and a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Nate is always striving to learn new and innovative strategies to better meet the needs of his clients.

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What’s the best way to train during the off-season?  Does strength training work?  Are you fueling enough on the bike?  How can you get lean and stay lean?

The answers to these questions and the core of Nate’s coaching philosophy can be condensed into two words.  It depends.  Here’s why:

  • Each cyclist is unique.   A coach’s value is in offering you individualized training advice and support, specific to your goals.  The harder a coach works to understand you, the more fully he can coach you.
  • Evidence based is best.  Every week Nate is committed to reading the most current research in exercise science and sports nutrition while pursuing the highest certifications in the coaching profession.  The best coaches never stop learning.
  • Human first, athlete second.  Cycling is important but should always be measured against family commitments, work responsibilities, and other life stressors.  The more balance you achieve in life, the better positioned you’ll be for long-term success on the bike.


Matt Chatlaong | Associate Coach

Matt Chatlaong B.S. | USAC Level 2 Coach

Matt will soon begin working on his Masters degree in Exercise Science as he races his bike for the Herbalife p/b Marc Pro – Nature’s Bakery Elite Cycling Team.

His extensive experience in training with power, national level (NRC/PRT) race experience, a love for training and racing in Northern California, and a friendly and approachable style make him a great candidate to help you become a better rider.

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Matt’s coaching philosophy is centered around making goals attainable through a systematic process. The main components of this philosophy are:

  • The Life Equation.  Life can be stressful, Matt believes that understanding the “life” equation of training and life stress is key to building the most suitable training program.
  • Establishing Goals.  Setting goals and learning how to weather the “ups and downs” of cycling is one of Matt’s keys to long-term progress on the bike.
  • Education.  Matt wants to build on his education in Exercise Science by continuting to learn and evolve as a coach as he seeks to offer the best individulized guidance to his clients.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science) from California State University Sacramento
  • USA Cycling Level 2 Certified Coach
  • USA Cycling Category 1 Road License

Sam Bassetti | Associate Coach

Sam Bassetti B.A. | USAC Level 3 Coach

Sam’s curiosity about his own physiology led him to pursue a degree in Exercise Biology from the University of California, Davis.

After finishing his degree, Sam rode professionally for the 5-Hour ENERGY Cycling Team and the IRT Professional Cycling Team gathering race experience in North America and across the globe.

Sam continues to race on the Herbalife 24 p/b Marc Pro-Nature’s Bakery Elite Cycling Team and is excited to leverage his experience and educational background to help you become a better cyclist.

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Sam’s coaching philosophy is rooted in experience and science.  The main components of Sam’s philosophy are:

  • Experience confirmed by science.  Understanding the science behind sport is the foundation for successful coaching.  Applying that knowledge requires a balance between education and experience.
  • Life happens.  Training is more than following a prescribed plan to the T.  Sam believes that knowing when to go off script and simply have fun on the bike is crucial to maintaining mental freshness and motivation throughout a season.
  • Being a complete athlete.  Sam believes that being a good coach is more than prescribing how hard and how long to ride.  A good cycling coach has appplicable knowledge in every area related to the sport because every detail matters when it comes to performing on the bike.


  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Biology from the University of California Davis
  • USA Cycling Level 3 Certified Coach
  • USA Cycling Category 1 Road License