Red Kite Criterium | March 6, 2016

I had a decent excuse for missing the Chico Stage Race with my second child being born and all, but Strava guilt and race reports from friends had me itching to pin another number on.   After getting the blessing from my wife, I decided rain or shine I was giving it a rip at the Red Kite Criterium in Livermore.  With my trusty Specialized Allez from Kinetic Cycles and Race Rim 50’s on the roof, teammate Chris F. and I headed over to the East Bay.

2015 “Buy Yourself a Gift” Guide

It’s tough to buy gifts for a cyclist.  Most of the time we purchase what we want long before a birthday or the holiday season rolls around.  In the event you’re feeling under-appreciated or exhausted from shopping for others, this gift guide is for you.  Featuring products available from the venerable Kinetic Cycles in Sacramento, here are my 5 favorite cycling picks from 2015.