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We’re looking to expand our coaching team at Data Driven Athlete and would love to have you on board.  If you’re interested in working with a dynamic coaching group always striving to improve and better meet the needs of clients, this opportunity might be a great fit.

Failure is your Friend

Unless your name is Peter Sagan or Eddy Mercx, you will lose 99.9% of the bike races that you start.  Failure in sport is inevitable, but it is also an important part of developing as an athlete and ultimately achieving your goals.  Read on to find out how failure fits in to your development as an athlete.

What I’ve Learned: Read More, Browse Less

For most of my life reading has been a chore.  I blame school.  Book reports, essays, and multiple choice questions all turned reading into a means to an end.  My “end” was ensuring my GPA stayed high enough so my parents wouldn’t stop paying for my car insurance.  I always wanted to “read for fun”, school just seemed to make it impossible.  

How to Improve Your Sprint Performance on the Bike

What Powers Your Sprint?

Your body has three energy systems that power movement. These are the oxidative, glycolytic, and ATP-Pcr systems, each of which serves a unique role in fueling your sprint performance [1].  All three systems contribute to supporting energy requirements, but their relative contributions change with the duration and intensity of your efforts.